The TV show is currently airing its sixth season on HBO

The show, which is based on real life events, follows the plot of “A Song of Ice and Fire”, written by George R. R. Martin (a pseudonym for American author) in the fantasy books series that began in 1989 with “The Lord of the Rings”. The drama series adapts the story to suit live action television; it is based on a medieval era setting and features a large ensemble cast.

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In a world where entertainment is getting more and more sophisticated, the Game of Thrones show is one of the most expressed. In fact this series by HBO has won a lot of awards and people are coming back week after week to watch it.

This show has become one of the most popular television series in the world and since its inception until now it has been bought by multiple countries all across the globe. This is due to many reasons like its great storyline, action scenes, special effects, suspense and overall entertainment value which have made this show so popular though it’s originality on TV.

However it’s not all good as there have been many cases when Game of thrones fans have ended up very disappointed when they found out that some spoilers about this episodes were out before they had even watched them.